When someone says “bacteria,” what comes to your mind? If you’re a parent, you might think of your chid knocked out cold with a sinus infection or any number of pathogenic illnesses. It’s safe to say that bacteria has got a pretty bad rap. You may have heard rumors and whispers, however, of an alleged “good bacteria.” prebiotics

As it turns out, our bodies are filled with microorganisms (bacteria) that work to balance our internal systems. Good bacteria in the colon is one of the biggest helps to preventing harmful, infectious bacteria from reproducing.

If you’re privy to natural medicine, you’ve probably heard of probiotics; ingestible microorganisms that rebalance the healthy bacteria in your gut. Healthy bacteria are essential for preventing the proliferation of bad bacteria (such as salmonella and E. coli) and maintaining the overall health of your body’s internal organs and systems.

We were fascinated by the incredible benefits of probiotics and landed on the question: What if probiotics could heal and restore other parts of the body, as well?

To our surprise and delight, we found that topical applications of our finely-tuned prebiotic formula produced incredible results for those with skin conditions (both humans and animals!).

The formula for Petbiotics works as catalyst, begetting the growth of good bacteria that overcome the unhealthy bacteria, process the dead skin cells and destroy contaminates remaining on your pet’s skin (research exactly how this happens).

The result is optimal skin and fur health through all-natural ingredients. It’s this finely-tuned brew of organic goodies that restores your pet to health. prebiotics

What each of these all-natural ingredients contribute to the health of your pet is remarkable, but it’s the combination of all of them that produce the incredible “prebiotic effect.”

In the next few weeks, I’ll be taking each ingredient and unpacking exactly what it does to benefit the skin and fur of your pet. We know that the first step to wellness is education, and we intend to make it as fun, beneficial, and informative as we possibly can.

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