4 08, 2014


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Meet Louie, an Australian Labradoodle who suffers from itchy paws that make him lick and chew constantly. He has been using our Prebiotic Topical Spray for itching and hot spots for 3 weeks and it has naturally relieved his itching and the irritation — the redness has gone away! 



19 07, 2014

The Prebiotic Mystique: What Makes Petbiotics Different

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When someone says “bacteria,” what comes to your mind? If you’re a parent, you might think of your chid knocked out cold with a sinus infection or any number of pathogenic illnesses. It’s safe to say that bacteria has got a pretty bad rap. You may have heard rumors and whispers, however, of an alleged “good bacteria.” 

As […]

1 07, 2014


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Mia, the sweetest labradoodle on earth:
The most lovable pup also turned out to be the biggest inspiration for Petbiotics.
My husband has highly-sensitive pet allergies that, as our family grew, limited us from certain breeds of dogs. We didn’t let this stand in the way of our love for animals, though. It just led us […]

1 07, 2014

Allie & Maggie

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Julie, Allie & Maggie’s owner, praises Petbiotics:
My two poodles were some of the first users of Petbiotics and we LOVE the results. The way their coats felt after just one application was amazing!  I can’t get enough of the clean, “no-residue” feel of their fur. The natural lavender formula leaves my babies with a fresh, clean smell that […]

24 06, 2014


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Rita and Greg, Marley’s owners, praise Petbiotics:
My English lab, Marley, has always struggled with hot spots and a dry coat. At 12 years old, her thick coat was dry and dull. After one shampoo with Petbiotics, her flaky, dry skin had almost disappeared and her coat was soft and shiny. Marley’s sister, Halley, was 4 months […]