Mia, the sweetest labradoodle on earth:

The most lovable pup also turned out to be the biggest inspiration for Petbiotics.

My husband has highly-sensitive pet allergies that, as our family grew, limited us from certain breeds of dogs. We didn’t let this stand in the way of our love for animals, though. It just led us in a different direction as we set our sights on hypoallergenic breeds.

As we were picking up a tiny black ball of fur, we had no idea how quickly it would be before our entire family fell in love with her. She is sweet, mild-mannered, extremely submissive, and perfect for our family.

While my husband and I were in talks regarding prebiotic formulas, one of the biggest reasons we started Petbiotics was really for dogs just like Mia. We loved her dearly and wanted her in optimal health — just like we would any human in our family! Erika, Mia’s groomer (pictured below) was also instrumental in helping us perfect our prebiotic pet formula.

Not only does our sweet pup not shed, but she has a perpetual lavender scent that follows her around everywhere she goes, making her even more irresistible.

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