Susan, Callie’s loving owner, praises Petbiotics:

I am so thrilled that there is this wonderful product called Petbiotics! My dog, Callie, is a Cluminger, which is a cross between a Clumber Spaniel and a Springer Spaniel. For those of you who have Spaniels, you can sympathize with me when I tell you that she has bad skin. She breaks out into giant red bumps all over her stomach when she is outside rolling around in the grass or local mud hole. One of her favorite things to do is to lounge in our pool or take a plunge in the lake. While this is extremely enjoyable for her, unfortunately her skin doesn’t love it so much. All the moisture from the water irritates her skin so badly that the yeast overgrows and gets infected.

I used a dozen or more different products in an attempt to keep her skin and coat clean and healthy. A few vet visits and hundreds of dollars later, her skin would temporarily clear up only to get bad again after more swimming and outside play.

Petbiotics cleared her skin up within the first week. I washed her twice weekly with the Lavender Dog Shampoo and used the Topical Spray twice a day on the infected areas. The giant bumps that were puss-filled on her stomach (yuck) started to dry up and were completely gone within two weeks. One added bonus was that Callie looked like she had been bleached! Her normally dingy white fur looked so bright white I couldn’t believe it! Now that I have been using the shampoo and spray regularly, Callie’s coat has never looked better. I love these products!

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