It’s highly likely that you have sea salt somewhere in your house.

You may have even picked up the dispenser at dinner and pondered what makes “sea salt” different than traditional table salt. Can there really be that much of a difference? While you may not be able to taste a difference, the two are worlds apart — literally. SeaSalt

Sea salt comes from the ocean, while table salt is mined from salt deposits in the earth. Ocean water evaporates, leaving sea salt rich with minerals and loads of healthy, natural qualities — something that’s inevitably lost during the manufacturing process of table salt.

In our last blog post, we touched briefly on the “prebiotic effect”; the process of friendly bacteria overcoming harmful bacteria to create balance and a healing environment on your pet’s skin and fur.

If this prebiotic effect is a boxing match, sea salt is the right-hook that guarantees a knockout of infectious and harmful skin conditions. In our exclusive formula, the sea salt acts in part as a “clean-up crew.” After your pet’s friendly bacteria dominate all of that nasty, infectious bacteria, they often leave a few million dead skin cells in their wake. Thankfully, sea salt is naturally absorbent and acts as a skilled exfoliator, absorbing toxins and exfoliating dead skin cells. The result is — you guessed it — soft, supple, irresistably cuddly skin and fur on your pet.

But the benefits of sea salt aren’t just skin deep.

At Petbiotics, we make a big deal (and rightly so) about your pet’s pH levels being balanced (we’ll publish a post later on diving into why this is so crucial). Therefore, the alkalizing nature of sea salt makes us love it even more. Not only does it provide many skin benefits, but it helps reverse high levels of acid in the body as well. That nasty bacteria I mentioned earlier loves acidic environments.

We could go on and on about how sea salt strengthens the immune system, helps fight depression, eases respiratory issues and even strengthens bones and nails, but that would take all day. Pure_Brazilian_Sea_Salt

Truly, sea salt is one of nature’s best kept (and healthiest) secrets. We want to ride that wave.

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