My family’s journey into natural medicine was an accidental one. In my later adult life, I struggled with physical complications that seemed to elude doctors and modern medicine. Knowing synthetic drugs were not the answer, I began exploring natural medicine, vitamins, and supplements. What I found was a whole new world of health and wellness that the mainstream “bigwigs” PetsGathereddon’t want you to see. I was shocked to find that my biggest sources of my healing were coming from natural remedies. My passion for this newfound wellness grew and bubbled over into more research, more enthusiasm, and an eager desire to spread the benefits of natural medicine to everyone who may be suffering or lacking answers to their health issues.

As my husband and I continued to immerse ourselves in the world of natural medicine, it wasn’t long before we discovered prebiotics, and the manifold benefits it has on the skin. This gave us the push we needed to actually do something about our passion for wellness, namely, start Aleavia, a skincare company built around this revolutionary prebiotic formula.

The idea for Petbiotics originated from a simple question, “What if this prebiotic formula produced the same incredible results on pets?” After some theorizing, some modification, and some testing, we realized it did work — with stunning results

Petbiotics is not just a company looking to push a product. Petbiotics is a movement; a passion; a family. It represents our desire to see your loved ones in the best health of their lives — even if your loved ones just happen to be covered in fur.

To wellness,

Kelly Graham
Vice President