Fact: Most pet care products contain synthetic chemicals that aggravate skin conditions and negatively affect long-term health.

Your pet’s skin and coat conditions are most likely caused by an imbalance of microorganisms and pH levels or exposure to toxins and allergens.

The answer: prebiotics!

When you apply Petbiotics’ revolutionary prebiotic formula to your pet’s skin, you’re setting off a positive chain reaction that restores healthy, clear skin and a radiantly silky coat through natural biological systems.

If you were to look at your pet’s skin through a microscope after applying Petbiotics, you would see the skin’s healthy microorganisms begin to feed on an alkaloid-based, 100%-natural and organic stimulant.

As they feed and multiply into an army of “friendly” bacteria, three critical, natural biological processes occur:

  1. Your pet’s newly grown bacteria quickly overpower the unhealthy, infectious bacteria.
  2. As bacterial balance is restored, the healthy bacteria begin to process all of the dead skin cells and contaminates remaining on your pet’s skin.
  3. The bacteria create a natural alkaline enzyme that gently seeps beneath the dermal layers to quickly rebalance pH from the inside out.

The result: optimal skin and fur health 

Petbiotics supports your pet’s natural healing and skin rejuvenation process. As good bacteria dominate and pH rebalances, your pet’s fur transforms from a rough, patchy mess into a soft, glistening coat — all within just a few applications.

No more biting. No more scratching. No more licking.

Petbiotics is 100%-natural, 100%-organic, non-GMO, allergen-free and earth-friendly…

So what are you waiting for?

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