Let me paint a picture for you.

You’re at a beach in sunny Florida, basking in the glorious rays with a cool drink in your hand. Out of the corner of your eye you spot a young teenager with his little sister walking down the beach. The rascal sneakily scoops down and picks up something from the beach, tiptoeing hurriedly towards his sister. 

You know where this is going.

A moment later, a shrill scream, followed by some frenetic jumping and repeated commands to “Get it off!” mingle with the sound of the waves. As soon as the sister realizes the slimy green creature landing on her neck was just a bundle of seaweed, she quickly turns ferocious, punching her hysterical brother in the arm.

Seaweed. What a degrading name. Little did this girl know that this slimy, green bundle of joy that landed on her may have been the best possible thing for her skin. Call it gross, but seaweed (more scientifically known as kelp) has tremendous health benefits that many people overlook. This makes it a crucial ingredient in Petbiotics’ game-changing prebiotic formula.

Kelp is a mineral-rich algae that resides deep under the ocean. It has a trademark brown hue (hence the reason why our formula may be tinted brown) and on certain beaches, will often get washed up onto the shore.

The benefits of kelp can be attributed to the fact that it acts as functional sponge, absorbing over time all of the nutrients present in the surround ocean waters. For this reason, organic skincare companies have quickly discovered and taken advantage of its natural skin-softening qualities (including us!). It also promotes the healthy growth of fur, skin, and nails.

As a living plant, the kelp acts as a catalyst for the “prebiotic effect,” stimulating the growth of healthy bacteria (read more about what healthy bacteria can do here).

Brown? Sure. Gross? Sure. Incredible for your pet’s health? Absolutely.

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